Our History

Others developments

On hearing this, Prophet Andrews cried unto the Lord. The Lord heard his prayer and a woman in the same neighborhood gave him another land. He raised a structure with sacks as roof with Forty seven (47) members, after which he raised a structure. In 2005, he went to Springfield Theology Academy to pursue a two (2) years Diploma in Theology. During his course of Study, the church celebrated its 1st Anniversary in February, 2006. In that same year, the owner of the land came to him that, she does not want the structure on her land because Prophet Andrews was preaching against her drinking Spot business. So he moved the Ministry from Ogbojo to Dzenayor on a rented plot of land from one man for ¢ 20.00 per month in January, 2007. At Dzenayor, he won new souls. After the graduation, he was ordained as an Apostle in February, 2007. For successfully graduating from the Springfield Theology Academy, he again changed the name of the Church from Jesus Anointed Evangelistic Ministry to Jesus Glory of Prayer Ministry International. Right after the new name, land guards came to demolish the structure on the land.
Two months after demolishing, all the leaders and majority of the members left the church and it was left with David Amediagbe, Isaac Vidza which Catherine Asamoah later joined in 2007.He again raised the structure in 2009 and dedicated it in 2010. By the grace of God, from the time he dedicated the church, things moved on smoothly with total congregation of seventy six (76) which forty seven (47) who were workers in the church. Pastor David Amediagbe, Isaac Vidza and Catherine Asamoah served under Apostle Andrews Dela from 2007 to 2011 and he finally ordained them as Rev. Ministers in the church of Jesus Glory of Prayer Ministry International on the 3rd of April, 2011. A year later, he registered the church Jesus Glory of Prayer Ministry under Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (G.P.C.C). In 2013, he again ordained another group of Pastors.
In November 2014, the land owner Came that he needed the land for his personal project by the end of the year based on what Apostle Andrews heard, he slept on the church Altar and prayed to God to intercede for the ministry. Low and behold, God interceded and in that same month a man with a heart problem (whole in the heart) for twelve (12) years went to him to be healed. According to the man, he had been to so many Pastors and Juju men but to no avail. The Lord used Apostle Andrews to heal the man instantly after twelve (12) years of suffering In .

Early beginning

The beginning of the Church is linked to the ministry of Prophet ANDREWS DELA BUAMEH. God through his divine plans laid the foundations of Jesus Glory Prayer Ministry International right from the Prophet and founder’s infancy. As the little boy he joined prayer warriors at the church of Pentecost Penile Assembly in 2000. At the time he joined the church, they organized a seven (7) days fasting and prayers. He involved himself and the Holy Spirit manifested and he started hearing the voice of God. He worshipped with Penile Assembly for one (1) year and later joined King Jesus Evangelistic Ministry in 2001. At King Jesus, he again involved himself in a 14 days fasting and prayers, and he became more powerful with the anointing of God. He again left King Jesus Evangelistic Ministry after eight (8) months of worship and gathered children for Bible Studies in a wooden structure where he lived.
One day during the Bible teachings, the Holy Spirit manifested and some of the children started confessing to be witches and wizards. The parents of the children and the people in the neighborhood stood against him.
So as a result, they reported him to the Police and took him to one inspector at Legon Police Station. As a visionary, he never gave up on God’s work. He pursued the task given to him to teach the children but due to the challenges and persecutions, he moved the Bible teaching from the wooden structure to one Mrs. Tseiga’s house at East Legon where his cousin (Etsei) was found to be the caretaker. Andrews Dela taught there for six (6) months when those in the neighborhood started complaining of noise making because it was a residential area. He again moved the Bible teaching to American house under the high tension in 2003. There he won four (4) souls to be his disciples; he now changed the Bible teaching into fellowship due to the miraculous signs and wonders performed by him through God. In 2003, he had a congregation of one hundred and twenty (120) with eight (8) disciples. After the one hundred and twenty (120) congregations, the Holy Spirit spoke to him to get baptized at the House of God Church in East Legon, Adijiringanor. He did as the Holy Spirit directed him and got baptized by Rev Ansah Asiedu the General Overseer of House of God Church.
In 2003 the Holy Spirit spoke to him again to baptize his disciples, so he baptized them in April 16th, 2005 and they all became full members of the fellowship.Later one Pastor came claiming that the land on which the fellowship was taken place belongs to him, so Prophet Andrews Dela moved the fellowship to Ogbojo, East Legon from 2003 to 2004. At Ogbojo, he got a congregation of two hundred and Eighty (280), and then he changed the name of the church from Jesus Evangelistic Fellowship to Jesus Anointed Evangelistic Ministry and announced to the congregation that they will have their first Sunday service and dedicate the name. To his surprise, only thirty seven (37) members turned up for the service. He again announced for an all-night service and had about two hundred (200) members on the second Sunday of the service. The land on which the service takes place was locked for no service to take place. He was later given another plot of land which was full of refuse dump, he cleared the refuse with some members for seven (7) days and after clearance, the land owner came to stop him not to have any service on the land.