To mitigate the less privilege for a positive future.
 To support and empower the vulnerable to transform their lives and exhibit their potential.
  • Provide high quality and appropriate support to communities.
  • To provide job opportunities, accommodation and education to the less privilege.
  • To assist the hopeless, acquire the needed skills for the future.
  • To develop skills and built their confidence.

Empower – to empower others through our knowledge and skills.
Integrity – open, consistent, social and principled.
Respect – we respect the unique worth of every individual.

Why Charity Home ?

  • Extending love and kindness
  • Charity is carried out selflessly
  • Provide assistance to people at times
  • Aid and other fundamental needst
  • Charitable purposes can gain momentum
  • The greatest gift to our community
  • Improving the lives of abandoned

Recent Posts

PT - Practical Theology

Practical theology, as its name implies, is the study of theology in a way that is intended to make it useful or applicable.

CE - Church Education

The Christian school offering Christian education seeks to teach this way of life every day through all that is done and taught.

CO - Counseling

Equipping members to counsel one another, enable them to do the front-line work of ministry is a way to cultivate a culture discipleship in church.

MI - Missions

The church mission implies that someone has sentsomething to accomplish a task.In other words, God has sent the church to accomplish a task.

NM -Nonprofit

The church is operated exclusively for religious, educational, scientific, or other charitable purposes for the well being of each member.